Our Logo


With no disrespect to the blue crab,we think the eagle fits us perfectly. 

While the crab may be the unofficial mascot of our state, an eagle makes total sense for the Maryland Clothing Company. It’s proud, it’s tough, it’s cool. Just like Maryland and the people who call this state home. And doesn’t it seem appropriate that the eagle (our nation’s official emblem) should represent the place where our national anthem was born? You see the “MCC” that makes up the eagle’s body and wings, right? We love how much is “hidden” in this design. Together, the torso and tail create more than the letter M. It’s also a trident, a subtle tribute to our military—especially the U.S. Naval Academy, which is located in our state’s capital. Here’s another interesting tidbit: We chose our font because it’s modern, clean, and easy to read. Turns out, the name of the font is Prohibition. One of Maryland’s nicknames is the Free State—a moniker that was used in the 1920s to reference the state’s opposition to prohibition. How’s that for a coincidence? Clearly, it was just meant to be.